About Us

  1. Coridel Capital Partners is the alternative investment arm that focuses on enhancing value by directing capital in multiple asset classes including control equity investments in consumer, retail, industrial, real estate, leisure, entertainment, gaming and specialty service markets.
  2. We engage in Leveraged and Management Buyouts as well as growth capital in companies that are readily understandable and have the potential for significant improvement in free cash flow generation. Coridel invests in companies that possess strong business fundamentals with identifiable opportunities to enhance value and secure growth while aligning management incentives with shareholder interests and implementing the appropriate capital structures.
  3. We target high, sustainable margin businesses where we can identify ways to reduce the company’s total operating cost, increase revenue, reduce working capital and divest non-core assets which together will result in enhanced corporate value. Coridel invests in companies that are established, have considerable market share, exhibit consistent cash flow and can enhance value through operational improvement and financial leveraging.