1. We understand that all situations are unique and that no single model can be applied to all transactions. Therefore, we remain flexible in our approach giving any potential transaction the appropriate attention and resources.
  2. We utilize our acute knowledge of market trends leading us to specific industries that are poised to yield superior long-term gains.
  3. In addition to identifying and reaching out to potential partners, opportunities are sourced through a variety of channels, mainly through our long-standing relationships with investment bankers and industry consultants.


  1. Coridel’s due diligence process is very extensive and thorough. After a thorough internal review of the transaction, we begin a process that involves assessing the management team, validating the integrity of the financials and forecasts, performing in-depth industry research and assuring multiple exit opportunities.
  2. The model is stress-tested with various capital structures and projection scenarios in order to determine the appropriate capital structure and ensure the preservation of Coridel’s capital in a variety of downside scenarios.


  1. After the rigorous evaluation process, not only is completing the transaction important, but the effective implementation of strategic initiatives that will position the company for future growth.
  2. Certain investments where maneuvering within the private markets allow us to execute plans without the pressures coming from the volatility of public perception.
  3. We focus on free cash flow generation with long-term benefits and not temporary jolts to public stock prices.