Welcome to The Coridel Group.

As a global alternative asset manager, we leverage our extensive network and industry experience to create value. Consisting of three primary segments—private equity, entertainment and non-profit—the businesses of The Coridel Group reflect our breadth of expertise and passion. Whether identifying growth stage companies in the retail industry, managing A-list artists, or serving the needs of at-risk children, The Coridel Group operates on the firm belief that integrity coupled with diligent innovation leads to value creation.

With our track record of success, we face an exciting time with potential for much growth and investment throughout the global markets. But we don’t rest on laurels at The Coridel Group. Consistently thinking outside the box, our team of dedicated professionals is disciplined yet flexible. Our values are evident in the way we conduct our businesses. Partners from our extensive global relationships attest not only to the excellence with which we execute but the integrity of our businesses.

Even as we uphold the utmost professionalism, we avoid a restrictive hierarchical corporate culture. At The Coridel Group, we are a family-like firm that values our own as much as we do every partner. We look forward to expanding our reach to bring the expertise of this exceptional group to serve the global markets.

Many thanks,

Tyler Kwon
Chairman and CEO